About Us

Welcome to Mehak of India , home of the tradition and exquisite preparation in Silicon Valley area. With more than 22 years of experience, we offer an extensive menu as well as catering services to suit your specific tastes.

Melt into Mood with

Desserts have been our best friends from time immemorial. They can turn an average meal into a fun and memorable event. A little indulgence never did any harm. Customers will discover that our delectable indulgences are delivered with the utmost attention to freshness.

Embrace for an affair
with Mehak Of India
Natural and Fresh

All the ingredients used to prepare any dish is brought fresh and is all organic and natural. No preservatives are added.

Delectable Cuisines

Experience make a dish worth eating. Our experienced Chefs make us vow on these that anything prepared will make you lick your fingers.

Welcoming Staff

The Affectionate team leaves no stone unturned to make the customer feel at ease and comfortable. So come and experience unmatched hospitality.

Soothing Atmosphere

An Ambience that transmits you to a different level. Let be the essence to celebrate all the moments with your loved ones.

Traditional Vegetarian

Mehak of India takes pride in delivering the best of the best traditional Indian vegetarian delicacies.  You can enjoy your favorite food in a perfect setting and ambience. We take immense pride in, providing best in class attentive services along with our tradition of serving authentic Indian food using the freshest produce and unique flavors, every time to every guest.

Our Menu
Tanduri Chicken
Panner Tikka
Non Vegetarian

At Mehak of India we satiate your taste buds with lip smacking scrumptious non vegetarian dishes. We take extra care in our cooking methods just to make sure that the full aroma and fragrance of the ingredients are extracted and their presence is felt in every bite.


The dining experience is just incredible. The team is so warm and the food served is so beautifully plated and taste like divine.

I appreciate the team and their hospitality at their last minute supports. Thankyou so much for a delightful evening. It will always be talked for tasty food, pretty details and trustworthiness.

Thankyou for all the compliments that I received for food. It was delicious! The staff was very professional and courteous. The evening turned out to be a memorable and enjoyable one.